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QUESTION: Can you positively id a Louis armstrong trumpet that was a gift from Louis armstrong in california during WW11? He had several in the trunk of his car and he just picked 1. It was given to a navy man. Fact, not wishful thinking. thanks

ANSWER: No, of course not. No one can. Unless you have a document from Mr Armstrong, the best you can do is determine whether the horn you have is consistent with the horn he played.

It's relatively well known that he favored a Selmer Paris balanced trumpet, so if that's what you have, then it's more likely. If it's anything else, then it's less likely.

If you're adamant that you have a horn that Mr Armstrong owned, you might try contacting these folks:

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QUESTION: The navy man is deceased but his 92 yr old widow is still with us.She was present when he received the trumpet. She is a very good friend of mine. Louie gave him the trumpet in return for helping he and his guys get their vehicle going. They were headed to a show and they broke down. The then young navy man had expressed his liking for playing the trumpet and Louie gave him the trumpet to show his appreciation for the young serviceman helping out. You cant make this stuff up. Nothing in it for me, I just wanted to know if there were any distinct markings to look for. I am not in possession of it at he moment. Thank you for getting back to me so quick. It crossed my mind and I started the search. Thanks again.

I wish I could help you but you're asking about things that professional conservators can research. As I said, if it is a Selmer Paris balanced horn, then there's a chance it could be correct. You might contact the people from "History Detectives", as this is the kind of thing they can research.

I must caution you that people make up stories all the time. My sister had an elderly friend who claimed to captain ships during WWII and when she got his records his highest rank was Seaman First.

Good luck with your search.


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