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Trumpet/Value of my Burbank Benge


Hi, Thomas:

Thanks for your time. I have a B flat Burbank Benge trumpet, "1122 W. Burbank Blvd." bell, I think it's a 3B, could be a 3X. ML bore, nickel/silver, serial no. 6027. I purchased it in 1973 in Winter Park, FL. I was told at the time it was made ca. 1958-1961, database info suggests 1962. Have a restoration quote of $188 from a local retailer, but I believe that's limited scope. It has some small dents and needs a little replating around the valves and in the bell, valves a bit stiff, hasn't been played regularly in years but still blows a TON. Have received interest from some local players at "somewhere between $2500-3000" as is, but would be extremely grateful for your opinion and input as I may invest more in a like-new restoration. Thanks again - have a great day!!

Jeff M

Since I'm not a Benge expert, I did a little checking with a local guy I trust. I'll paraphrase his answer.

First, if they will actually pay you $2500 to $3000... take it. As is. That's a little high. It was suggested that current value may be closer to $1100 to $1400.

Look under the ferrule that connects to the bell to the valve block to determine the bell. Perhaps you do have a 3X.

A full restoration would cost a lot more and the recommendation is to use Kanstul for that full restoration. Only do a full restoration if you will keep it yourself, as you never get your money back when you sell.

My own opinion now, $188 for dent removal, cleaning, valve alignment, corks-felts-springs is probably pretty good. Do that, play it a while, then make a decision. I agree that Kanstul is the place to send it, Zig worked for Benge and has a lot of original tooling. But play it and see.


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