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Hi Gene,

I have a Buescher trumpet that was given to me by an Uncle when I was around 11 years old - I'm 75 now.  I'm told he had received it as a high school graduation gift. He served during WWII in the Navy and had formed a number of bands to entertain the troops. After the war, he played in several local bands in Clarksburg, WV. During this time he was a police officer and as a sergent was responsible during the late'40s for the city's School Boy Patrol program - no girls at that time! He formed a marching band that was invited several times to march in Washingto, DC parades.

My question to you is that I was wondering if it's worth the cost to have this trumpet refurbished.  I'm attaching pictures that I hope will allow you to determine exactly what model it is. As the pictures show, the finish has deteriorated over the years. There appears to be no major damage although the valves move slowly.

Please advise me as to when this trumpet may have been manufactured and to what the original price may have been. If you feel that it might be worth refurbishing, I'd appreciate any info as to who can do this kind of work and what it might cost.

Thanks so much for your time and your website.


Your message was forwarded to the Question Pool, so I will answer it...

Your Buescher Model 10-22 trumpet was made in 1927. When it was new it cost $90 for that finish, or about $1000 today. Its current value, as is, might be $100 to $200.

A restoration would cost you about $1000, assuming it is restored to as-new condition. Is that worth it? Only you can decide. You can certainly get it into playing condition, which might cost between $100 and $200, depending on how much work it needs.

I take my Buescher trumpets to Charlie's Brass Works in West Allis, Wisconsin, mostly because his shop is up the street from me, but there are other technicians who can do a good job. Check at local music stores for recommendations, or send a follow-up question with your location and I might be able to suggest someone close to you.


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