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I have a Holton trumpet, serial #89640. Some web sites date this # at 1925.

On the mouthpiece receiver is something that looks like “LF” and after that worn numbers that might be 19, 9, 191, 91, or old lacquer.

Engraving on the bell only identifies the trumpet as “made by Frank Holton (couple more script letters), Elkhorn, Wis.”

The trumpet engraving appears similar to pictures on the web of Holton Revelation Model 48 trumpets. I find no clue to this name or model # on the trumpet.

There is a tiny dent in the center of the1st valve tuning slide, no other visible damage other than tarnish and lacquer problems. The valves look good. There is some corrosion on the tuning slides and the inside bottom of the valve casings (How do you best remove that?)

There is a Heim model mouthpiece, and what appears to be a receiver extension to play in the key of C.

What have I got here? If it’s really this old, might be fun to get it redone, but I have no clue where or at what cost. I am in Arkansas, if that informs resources. I last played trumpet in a dance band quite a few years ago.

Your Holton may have been made as late as 1929. It's likely that it is a Revelation model. The LP on the receiver means "low pitch" and the numbers MIGHT be a model number. The engraving you can't read is "Frank Holton & Co."

The "receiver extension" is likely a mouthpiece adapter for a cornet mouthpiece. You'd have to remove a lot of tubing to play in C.

Southeastern Musical Services in Huntsville has a good reputation:

Best you have any corrosion removed professionally at this point.


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