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w cornet
w cornet  
it seems on this Wurlitzer cornet the part of the tuning slide is missing. I have no idea on how this could have been broken or the cost of it to be fixed, and i would like to know your opinion on this,
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The two pieces you're missing are straight tubing, therefore the repair wouldn't be terribly expensive, perhaps a few hundred dollars at most.

But, consider this: you're missing a valve button. You'll have to have one made. That can be quite expensive.

You're also missing the bit, the part that the mouthpiece fits into. These were interchangeable for different keys. You'll have to have one made.  That can be quite expensive.

Your cornet is also almost certainly high pitch, where modern instruments are low pitch. You wouldn't be able to play it with an ensemble without pulling all of the slides, and even then the intonation would be questionable and it just wouldn't play loud enough.

Unless this horn has high sentimental value, you're better off not bothering.


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