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I have a Beuscher trumpet that belonged to my uncle- that my son still plays... It was acquired in the 20's in northern Indiana for High school marching band. . it is a Beuscher Trutone patent Oct. 29 07 . The markings on it are 195845   LP  A  10-22. The valves ar3e numbered 1 2 3. The valve tops are mother of pearl- I think.  The horn exterior is etched with the Beuscher Elkhart Ind. along with a pretty design.  There are 2 very small dents and a little wear in a few small spots of the silver exterior.  The horn interior seems to have a golden tone to it.

Can you tell me about this horn , what kind of instrument it is,, is it a student horn?  Is is silver plate... it does not have a lot of tarnish to it. When my son plays it is does not truly blend with the other trumpets.  Is it hand made and What is it worth.

Your Buescher 10-22A trumpet was made in 1925. When it was produced there was no concept of "student horns". Buescher only made professional horns, though some models might cost less, they didn't cost that much less.

It is silver plate with gold plating inside the bell and on the outside of the bell inside some of the engraving.

When this trumpet was made, the cornet was still king of the high brass in concert band. Trumpets were used for accent and less for melody. It is likely brighter and more piercing than the other trumpets he's playing next to. As an aside, as trumpets replaced cornets in concert bands and orchestras, they progressively sounded darker. Nowadays a lot of trumpets are just funny-looking cornets.

It is definitely hand made. I can only guess at what it is worth; Buescher made a lot of 10-22A and 10-22R trumpets. Depending on how complete the kit is (case, two mouthpieces, mute, cleaning rod, cornet mouthpiece adapter), perhaps $150 to $300.


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