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I have a family inherited Deville Selmer Trumpet with 37495 on it.  What is the approximate worth of it?  I believe it would have been purchased between 1940-1960?

Selmer Paris serial number lists vary somewhat as not much information was available, but I believe, according to this site, that your trumpet was made in 1966.

The Deville is not a common horn. Because it's a Selmer, it's a decent horn. Some believe that the later Devilles are "intermediate horns", which is usually marketing babble for "we sell this one at a lower price".

Value, therefore, is going to be very tough to assign. Unless it is in deplorable condition, $200 at a minimum. Showroom new? Maybe, on a good day, $400 to $600. Its value is more that it's a very good quality horn for playing even if it wouldn't bring a lot of money today.


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