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Hi Gene
I have a fairly old Selmer Paris trumpet, ser. no. 47867. I know it was manufactured in 1946, so it's 2 years older than I am. The trumpet has been up in my attick for the last 30 years, but now at retirement age I want to start playing it again, so I bought it down and am just doing tones to build up my lip, tones and scales. I am considering sending it to a pro shop to have it completely restored to original. The valves are v-shaped, as opposed to straight up and down, and the design itself, while purported to be innovative at the time, is a design that never took off, and only a few of these were manufactured. I dont know how many were made, but I have this one and it is in great shape. Beautiful horn. If I went ahead with a complete restoration, what do you think it would worth? I have no intention of selling it, but If I pay the big bucks for a complete restoration, and the end product is worth half as much as the cost to restore, it probably wouldn't make much sense. Although, at my age, making a whole lot of sense is not always my highest priority.
So, what do you think Gene? And I do appreciate your time.
Thank You, Scott

Sounds like you have a Selmer Radial.

After you pay $800 or more to restore it, it will be worth perhaps $50 to $100 more.

If you have grandchildren to pass your horn down to, it might be worth it to you, but no one ever gets out of a horn what is paid for a restoration.

I, personally, have paid $1200 to restore some horns I might sell for $300 to $400, but it makes me very happy to play them, and at age 47, I have time to enjoy playing them.

So, based on purely monetary considerations... you probably don't want to. If there are other considerations, then it might be worth it.


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