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I have a Selmer trumpet that was purchased when in high school 1970. It still plays well as I play every week. I did have it relaquered about 12 years ago. I purchased another case but I still have the old one in storage.Trumpet serial #47699. No dents but a few worn areas. Would like to get it relaquered again but would that hurt or help th value.If I should, could you recommend someojne for this. I am in the south jersey area. Don't plan on getting rid of it as my mom worked very hard to help me get this horn. Justcwant to know value so my wife will have info in case something should happen to me.

The value of your Selmer trumpet depends on a lot of factors including model, condition, and desirability. Try viewing completed ebay auctions to find a horn like yours to determine what it might sell for.

As for relacquering, since it's been done once already, relacquering again will not reduce its value. Josh Landress in Manhattan is probably your closest nationally-known tech:

Josh will advise you to what your Selmer requires to get it playing and looking as new.


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