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QUESTION: Hi. I bought a Vega brass trumpet, dated 1914, at an auction for my daughter. It needs cosmetic work and one piece replaced. I haven't told my daughter yet, but I just found four holes in the bell. Does that mean it's shot? BTW I know very little about  trumpets, that's her area of expertise. I haven't told her that I bought it. Wanted to surprise her, but not with an unplayable instrument.

ANSWER: It sounds likely that this Vega trumpet was once a lamp, and isn't a good candidate for restoration. Its value is not high and it would cost a lot of money for a restoration.

Best to hope you didn't pay a lot for it and try again.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much. A lamp?! LOL! I didn't pay much for it. Figured if she couldn't use it the brass might be worth something. Do you have any idea if the brass or the parts are worth anything? There's a good quality music repair shop in the next county, I wonder if he could use it for parts or I should just scrap. I'd hate to scrap it though.

Some Vegas are very nice horns. Imagine having your grandfather's Vega... and you're missing a valve button! So, at least for parts, but they won't buy it. You could donate it, though.

By all means take it to the music repair shop; after they lay eyes on it, they can give you a much better idea of whether it can be saved, but I do not have high hopes.


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