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Trumpet/1970 Henri Selmer Paris Trumpet (silver)


Dear Mr. Ramsay:
I own a 1970 Henry Selmer Paris Trumpet. It is stamped made in France, and also has an R stamped in it inside a circle on the outside top of the bell.  My Mother bought this beautiful instrument for me when I was being recruited to play in my local High School band 2 years before High School.  I also played it some in college.  That was back in 1999 when I was in college.  The horn is in EXCELLENT shape.  No dent, dings, rolls, etc.  I believe the Selmer case I have may also be original.  I have my old starter horn for my children if they take an interest, so I am thinking of selling this one.  the only difference I can see on mine as opposed to others, is mine has the first valve trigger, not the thumb slide.  I do not know the model any longer, nor does she.  D you have any idea of a price range to list an instrument this nice, and old.  The valves are stamped 19, 20, and 21. It also house (K_MODIFIED) at the mouthpiece.  I would truly appreciate ANY insight you could give me.

Deep Regards,
Tommy Still

Selmer trumpets are very good quality and can sell for some money, but you won't get rich from it. There should be a model number on the underside of the mouthpipe or receiver that will help you identify what your trumpet is and hopefully what it might be worth. The first-valve trigger was either a factory option, or someone has it specially added.

You should consider keeping it. Only if it looks band-new will it get anywhere near a thousand dollars; a more likely value with lacquer or silver plate not 100% is closer to $500. or so. The Selmer is undoubtedly a professional horn, and you might consider saving it for when they enter high school or college. The sentimental value of playing dad's horn has motivated many a young student, and playing my grandfather's horn again caused me to come back to it at age 40.

I cannot tell you how many people have said that they wished they had never sold such a horn. Think hard whether you want to be that person.

Good luck to you.


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