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I have a Buescher Truetone trumpet.  The serial # is 207171 and there is a small 10 near the bottom of the middle valve.  There is also a stamp on it reading: PAT.OCT.29.07 My father picked it up for me a few years ago in a junk shop and I've been playing it since.

Recently I've gotten curious about the details of the thing, but finding information is proving elusive.  

It plays fairly well although it could definitely use some TLC from a pro.  The valves are starting to get a little stripped out and several of the slides are totally stuck.  I'm also under the impression that it requires a certain kind of mouth piece which I almost certainly do not own.

Any guidance and info you could provide would be really appreciated. I also have images if that is useful at all.

Thank you very much!

Your Buescher Model 10 was built in 1926. I would have expected it to be a Model 10-22, as I theorize that the Model 10 was revised in 1922. But, my theory might be wrong.

Your impression that it uses a smaller mouthpiece shank is indeed correct. Trent Austin at Austin Custom Brass offers a backbore that will fit and Mark Curry has also scanned one of my original Buescher smaller-shanked pieces and can make you an appropriate mouthpiece.

Any of the big-name technicians can take care of your issues with the stuck slides and can advise you regarding the valves. Make sure to oil often!


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