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Manhattan trumpet  
I have found this trumpet on a internet market website and would like to know if it is worth its price. It is presented as Manhattan, model Super de luxe with number 37873 and produced by AR Würtll from Western Germany for American market. It is mostly golden, some parts of pipes, top parts of the outside of valves and the mpc holder are silver. The end part of the bell is also silver - gold and silver are divided by a straight line about 5cm from the end of the bell. A piece of pipes can be extracted so that the trumpet can be either B or C. The 3rd slide has a ring, but the 1st slide has nothing. It has no dents and hardly any scratches are visible. The inside part of the 1st, 3rd and tuning slides seem to be as new. The valves are silver and also brilliant.
It has a price of 300 euro. I was checking some answers on Manhattan trumpets (from 5 years ago) on this website and they were valued at 150$ max, however they seem to be another model or something as none mentioned the name Super de luxe or switching C and B.
So I would like to know how much is this trumpet really worth and get any additional information about it.

Thanks in advance,

You ask a very interesting question. Numerous manufacturers have used the name Manhattan over the years.

You are confused on one point, though; this trumpet cannot be played in C. That second slide is the "quick change to A" feature, where the horn can be quickly converted to play in the key of A by pulling out the inner slide to the end of the stop rod. That is a feature found only on older trumpets.

This trumpet also has a surprising third-slide trigger, which is also an uncommon feature, mostly because it added additional cost and complexity to the horn.

The "silver" parts are actually made from a brass alloy called "nickel-silver". It was very common, starting in the 1930s and into the 1960s, to use nickel-silver tubing. The two-piece bell was constructed by assembling a nickel-silver flare to a brass bell-tube.

What is it really worth is truly an unanswerable question. The features of this trumpet imply that it was made some time ago. That it is from "Western Germany" puts it after WWII and before German Unification. Quick-change to A was still available from some manufacturers after WWII, but not many, implying that this trumpet was produced probably no later than about 1955.

Your question is, possibly, should I buy it? If you can play it and return it if you don't like it, then 300 euro is possibly not too much to pay. It's an obscure brand from a not-well known manufacturer and resale value will be low. If it plays well, however, it might be worth buying. There are a lot of trumpets that play extremely well that no one has ever heard of.


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