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Trumpet/Buescher Coronet by True Tone


My Father purchased A Buescher Coronet (about 15 inches long) approximately 60 years ago.  Bell is labelled "Pat.Oct.26.8(?),BUESCHER,Elkhart, Ind".  Second Valve marked "True Tone-Registered Trademark" and below that is a serial number of 29988 and what I assume to be a model number "16".

The coronet is silver(??) planted with light engraving on the bell.  Keys are apparently mother of pearl.  Carrying case is original, but worn.  Lyre is present and straight mute marked with "Buescher/True Tone/Elkhart,Ind" logo.  Valves work well, but 4 tuning slides are frozen (3 worked 60 years ago).  Mouth piece is stamped "1".

What year would it have been made?  Estimated value today?  Estimated cost to have slides returned to operable status?  Any home remedy to loosen the slides?

My Dad paid $3.00 originally, but then suffered through hearing me practice for 5+ years without making the school marching band.  My fault, not ten Coronet.
I will either sell it, donate to a jazz preservation group, or use it to scare the neighbors on New Years.

Thanks in advance for any information or suggestions that you can provide
Robert Rathbun

Your cornet was made about about 1916, and is indeed a Model 16 (just a coincidence). Value is not very high but would sell on ebay for $100 to $200, depending on exact condition. You appear to have the complete kit.

Depending on how stuck the slides are, it would cost less than $100 to unstick them, and probably less than $50 if nothing much else needed to be done. There is no reliable "home remedy", and any suggestion is more likely to cause damage to the horn than have the desired result.

If you choose to sell it, sell it in the condition it's in now. Someone who will play it likely has his own favorite technician, and you'd never get the money back you would put into getting the cornet into playing order.


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