QUESTION: I found this trumpete in the attic when i bought this old german home in san antonio it has made in elkhart-ind. and it has 2 different numbers on it they are 287.25059 and 220061it has a couple of dings but us other wise n good condition its original case were i found a bottle of conn valve oil could u help me out can post a pic if you would like

ANSWER: I would indeed like to see pictures and any other engravings. Off the top of my head, those two numbers might be a catalog number and a serial number; most manufacturers put their names on the instruments they sold as themselves but not instruments they made for store brands (called "stencil horns").

The question you didn't ask, what might it be worth, is likely "not much" but we can try to find more information for you.

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QUESTION: Ok ill look here is a picture

Your picture implies to me that your horn is of relatively recent manufacture, and since it was made in Elkhart, you might consider contacting EK Blessing. They have made a lot of stencil horns over the years and have retained records of many of them. Not 100%, but a good chance.


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