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My father-in-law play a trumpet in school that his father used when he was younger and tried out for the Tommy Dorsey band with.  It is a C. G. Conn Ltd. Band Instrument manufactured in Elkhart, Ind.  It's gold with lot engraved details with a lady's face on the bell.
Serial number on the horn is 231347.  There the music holder that attaches to the horn with two mouth pieces in the orginial case, black outside with green fabric inside.  One mouth piece has on it 19C one looks like it has BI-220 on it.  Could you possibly confirm when it was made and what it might be worth.  I think it was made in 1926. It is in good shape, no dents, a couple of warn spots.  Thank you for your time.

I'll do what I can! That serial number does indeed imply 1926.

The mouthpiece that has 19C is perhaps a Rudy Mück. The mouthpiece with BI-220 is a Conn mouthpiece that likely came with the trumpet when it was new.

What's it worth? So many variables. More than a dollar, less than a thousand. If it's a 22-B and is actually gold plated, it could be worth a lot. Conn didn't make junk in that era, so any of the horns would be worth some money to players actually more than collectors. Rough guess, $200 to $500.

Check out the Conn Loyalist site and see if you can determine what you have. What Christine says is pretty accurate.  


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