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I have a buescher coronet that was given to me in 1946.
It was from an older friend of family ...helping me join a grade school band.

It is silver. Has very fancy engraving on the horn. The valve tops appear to be pearl. The horn engraving says; the buescher Elkhart ind
the valvestem has a symbol with "true tone'
hard to read but below on the center stem it has a date
Oct 19 07 and perhaps a serial number 191388 on the bottom of the stem.

It has a holder for a music stand.
It has a U shaped loop sticking out of the center valve.
Seems like very fine engraving on the horn ...a fancy leaf
like form extending 1/2 way to the valves.

I am planning to have the valves cleaned and oiled for my grandson's use. I am curious about it's value.

It appears in generally good condition.....some dents on the end of the
center valve loop that sticks out.
On the underside of the lower portion on the horn end there is a
long narrow rod with threated end....not sure what that was for.

The mouth piece is by Vincent bach corp NY

Your Buescher cornet was made in 1925. There is probably a two-digit model number, possibly a 13 or a 15, near the serial number.

Cornets in general are not very valuable compared to trumpets and in the condition you describe, possibly $200 at most.

That doesn't mean that that the cornet is poor quality; on the other hand, it was one of the best cornets you could buy when it was new.

The rod is used for a key change feature called "quick change to A." Using the rod, a person could more quickly change from Bb to A to play parts written in A. No modern parts are written in A (and few back then!) so it doesn't get used much.

That date? It is a patent date having to do with an obscure feature of the valve construction.


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