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Valve casing  
I recently found a Buescher trumpet and want to know if you can tell me anything about its age, value, and is it worth trying to find someone to restore it. On the bell, there are engravings that look like flowers above and below some engraved text that says'The Buescher' then below it, 'Elkhardt, IND'. On the valve casing it says True Tone with the bell and tuning fork, then Pat. Oct.29.07. Below that it has '140011', then LP, and then the number 9. It also appears to have an original mouthpiece (or at least one that fits & works), and another seperate short piece - maybe some kind of mouthpiece extender? I played Trumpet years ago and would love to have it restored and have a story to go with it.

Your Buescher Grand trumpet, Model 9, was made in 1923. Value is not high; in the condition you show in your pictures, about $100 or so on ebay. LP means it was made in low pitch only, instead of high and low pitch. It would likely have come with a 6A or 6B mouthpiece, or perhaps both. The short piece you reference is an adapter for a cornet mouthpiece... when this trumpet was made, cornets were a lot more popular than trumpets.

As for restoring it, in economic terms it is almost always not worth it. Even after you pay $925 for restoration in silver plus an additional $400 to restore the gold in the bell and in the engraving on the bell, you're left with a gorgeous $300 trumpet. This only makes sense for horns with great sentimental value that you plan to play for decades.

However that doesn't stop you from having it cleaned, the dents removed, and corks, felts, and springs replaced. To get that horn in playing condition, assuming that the valves are tight (they rarely are, however), is a matter of about $100.

This link will show you a catalog page from 1918 that describes this horn in detail.


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