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I have this trumpet that belonged to my Dad.
Buescher True Tone
I would like to know a little more about it and how I should clean it.
Thank you

Your Model 10-22A trumpet was made in 1928.

Cleaning. A difficult question to answer because I don't know which finish is on your trumpet.

If this trumpet has sat in its case for a while, you might take it to a professional for cleaning. A large number of these were sold with Finish E, described as: Quadruple silver plate, velvet finish, bell handsomely engraved, inside of bell and engraving gold plated, top and bottom valve caps, water keys, ends of tuning slides and valve slides, inside of bell, and outside of bell mirror finish.

The key above is the gold plating inside the bell and inside the engraving. This gold is very thin and vigorous cleaning will rub it off.

Which is why I suggest letting a professional do it the first time, especially if you intend to play this horn. At the same time they will replace the corks and felts, and also the springs, if necessary.

Two products come to mind that you can use to clean at home. First, is Hagerty's Silver Foam:

This is very mild and when used with care, won't damage the gold. A wet microfiber cloth is used to work up a lather and then rubbed very lightly on the piece to be cleaned. It's the lather that does the work.

Another product that does a good job is Tarni-Shield:

This product is a liquid and is a little more aggressive. Once again, use a wet microfiber cloth.

As for cleaning at home from a player's perspective, Dawn dishwashing liquid in body-temperature water... take the horn apart and soak everything but the valves; the valves are washed separately with a soapy microfiber cloth, keeping the cork and felt dry. A trumpet snake is used to clean the tubing and a valve brush to clean the casings. Rinse well and let dry before reassembling. I use Hetman 7 "Slide Gel" on the tuning, first, and second slides; Hetman 5 Slide Oil on the third slide, and depending on how tightly fitted your valves are, Hetman 2 Piston oil or Hetman 3 Classic Piston oil.

Since I wasn't sure what you meant by "cleaning", let me know if you have additional questions.


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