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Trumpet/Value of an old trumpet


We have a trumpet that we know is at least 50 years old or older.  my husband played it in junior high and high school in the early 60's.  He thinks it was a used one because he could not imagine his folks would have purchased a new one for him!! Our daughter and son played it too, after we had it reconditioned,as it looked pretty rough.

 The  markings on it are as follows:  KING.  HN White, Cleve O, 328043 .

Your trumpet was made in 1952 or 1953. Without knowing the model, it would be difficult to tell for sure. For example, a Silversonic has a sterling sliver bell and would be worth more.

The Silver Flair and Super 20 trumpets of that era can sell in the $500 range, dependent on condition and what accessories. You say "reconditioned" but that could mean anything from many small dents to looks like new.

The other King trumpets sell for somewhat less, $200 to $300.


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Thomas Krueger


I can answer your questions about Buescher trumpets and cornets. I have been playing Buescher for 35 years and collecting for 7.


I first started playing my grandfather's Buescher 400 trumpet in 1975. Since then I have done a lot of research, including original catalogs and advertisements that I own, correspondence with other Buescher owners, and obtaining my own Buescher collection, including six trumpets and three cornets.

I am a technical writer with 15 years experience. I have also been playing trumpet since 1975 and collecting Buescher for the past 7 years.

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