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I recently started playing a 1923 Couesnon coret. I also play an old Couesnon trumpet and n old Ludwig bugle.
The cornet seems quite diffeent from the trumpet in that there is no "muddiness" between notes.  It is crisp and clean when I switch from one valve to another.
Is this a characteristic of all cornets vs. trumpets? Or is it just that the trumpet valves are not adjusted perfectly?
Also: Do you think having the cornet vales replated would be worthwhile?  They are very worn, but work just fine.
Thank you very much...It is wonderful to ask someone like you such technical questions.


Cornets tend to be a little rocher in tonality. The horn and the maker as well as the care it has gotten is what the goodness is. You got a good horn.
As for replating anything on a horn I am against it. The horn was made in as natural of a state as the time and to mess with that integrity unless there is a mechanical issue with the valves would jeopardize the horn in my opinion.

Good luck and happy playing.


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