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QUESTION: Hello.I have a 1924 buesher with the Bb -A   tru tone symphony trumpet Named the wizard  it sat in the original case for decades  it was given to me about a yesr ago after giving it a bath and cleaning as best i could.serial number 155836  model number 11

ANSWER: I always suggest a professional cleaning, especially for instruments this old.

There could be a number of reasons a valve sticks, and "dirty" is always on the list. Also on the list? Worn out. A trumpet that has been well loved and played to death can have a large valve clearance, and that can make the valve hang up. A thicker oil can sometimes help, for example Hetman Classic or Yamaha Vintage.

But get a professional cleaning and evaluation, and that will give you better information to make future choices.

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QUESTION: I gave it a bath 2x  all valve working great. Then one day the third valve started acting up. So I had I cleaned by the tech where I take my lessons at. Picked it up Saturday. I'm still having that problem. I brush my teeth before playing of course I'm using blue juice valve oil. I rinsed it out re oiled it.  Sluggish again. Could it be an old spring?

If your springs were bad, the tech would have changed them. I'd take it back and have them look at it more closely. In the meantime, push the valve down half way and try to wiggle the valve button from side to side. If it moves more than the tiniest amount, then the valves will likely need to be rebuilt, though the thicker oils can help with that.

You might also make sure that your fingers are pressing down straight. If you're playing with flat fingers and the buttons under the knuckles, you could be pushing the valve sideways. That can make it stick too.


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