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Trumpet/Buescher aristocrat cornet



I got this this morning for my daughter. Any idea of value or quality?  I'll provide a better picture later

That appears to be a late '60s model; I would need the serial number to pin it down better.

The Buescher cornets are not valued highly because very few cornets are valued highly. I would guess that you paid no more than $150 for it, and probably less.

However, it is a very good instrument that most people have never heard of. Your daughter will be able to play quite well on it.

A general recommendation with any instrument you buy is to take it to a good technician who will clean it inside and out and replace all of the corks, springs, and felts. This generally costs about $100 but is money well spent, especially for a young student.

In short, you bought a quality instrument that your daughter will get good use of.


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Thomas Krueger


I can answer your questions about Buescher trumpets and cornets. I have been playing Buescher for 35 years and collecting for 7.


I first started playing my grandfather's Buescher 400 trumpet in 1975. Since then I have done a lot of research, including original catalogs and advertisements that I own, correspondence with other Buescher owners, and obtaining my own Buescher collection, including six trumpets and three cornets.

I am a technical writer with 15 years experience. I have also been playing trumpet since 1975 and collecting Buescher for the past 7 years.

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