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I have a Silver Lacquer Finish Buescher Aristocrat Trumpet model T36B Serial #101467. Can you tell me when and where it was manufactured and it's value. Is it considered a professional trumpet? It seems to be in excellent shape and plays well. Valves feel great, fast.

Thanks, Marv

You have a very interesting transition-era horn.

The T36B was once an Elkhart Band Instrument horn, which was engraved "Elkhart, built by Buescher". Near the end of the 1950s, they eliminated the Elkhart line, and retained some model numbers to put on newer horns.

Those horns still retained valve blocks intended for Buescher-branded horns, which had a separate serial number range. Therefore an exact date is not possible, but I can tell you that your horn was built sometime in the late 1950s.

As for where it was manufactured? 225 East Jackson Street, Elkhart Indiana. Don't look for the factory, they tore it down and there's a bank there now.

The professional trumpet question... Buescher in the 1950s didn't manufacture student instruments, per se. With the Elkhart line, they made a horn with fewer features and some off the shelf parts that they could sell for a lower cost, but the Buescher line was strictly professional all the way. The Buescher line, however, was offered and price points and the Aristocrat was at the lower price point. But do not think that it was of any lesser quality because of it.

You mention a "silver lacquer" finish, which is a little confusing. The Aristocrat was offered in a lacquered finish, and made of brass and nickel-silver. If the whole horn is silver all over, it was either ordered from the factory in that finish (and the inside of the bell would be gold) or it was silver plated by a previous owner. Sometimes lacquer was applied over the silver to keep it bright, though the lacquer doesn't stick to the silver as well as it does to brass and frequently flakes off. So, if it's silver all over, there's probably no lacquer on it.

As you know, these horns play extremely well and worth your time if you come across one.


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