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Thanks for answering my question about the Buescher Aristocrat Trumpet model T36B Serial #101467. The color is silver with what looks like a lacquer and is a dull silver color deep inside the bell. I was pleased to find that it was a late 50's make instead of 60's. This trumpet did not have a mouthpiece so I purchased a Vincent Bach 3CW. I was wondering if it makes any difference to use an original mouthpiece instead of the Bach?

I also have a F. A Reynolds Cornet Serial # 3040 bell stamped: "made by F A REYNOLDS Cleveland O" and some fancy engraving. The horn is in excellent condition and came with two Reynolds mouth pieces, stamped: Reynolds 5A and Reynolds 5B. The case looks to be original with a metal plate on the outside which says: F. A. Reynolds Co, Cleveland Ohio, Band Instrument Manufacturers. Compared to the Buescher trumpet, the Reynolds cornet valves are sluggish. Is it possible to install stronger valve springs? Also can you give me any information about the Reynolds cornet.
Thanks, Marv

What you describe is possibly nickel plating with lacquer over it, or they made the entire horn out of nickel-silver and lacquered it. Hard to tell without actually seeing it.

The original mouthpieces weren't anything special and they were very inconsistent. If your Bach works for you, keep using it.

This site seems to indicate that your cornet was made between 1938 and 1940:

If the valves are sluggish, they need to be cleaned. It's probably a good idea to take both horns to a decent technician and get them serviced for playing condition, which means a bath in either an ultrasonic or acid bath, replacement of corks, felts, and springs, and usually large dent removal. Costs for that vary greatly; when I have Charlie Melk do mine (I live down the street from his shop), it costs $90 per horn.

I can't tell you much more about the Reynolds horn but that site, cited above, will have more information.


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