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I still own my first trumpet. It is a Buescher 400 serial#372022. It's not in great shape but it still plays well and the valves are fast and smooth. It has some small dents,needs to be refinished and needs some soldering. Can you tell me if the value of the trumpet is worth the cost of fixing it up or should I just enjoy it as is. I've had it for 57 years and love the way it plays. Thank you !!!

I just sold one of that particular model, no dents but ugly lacquer, for $350, which was a reasonable price.

As for the cost of restoration... it is almost never a wise economical decision. It is, however, one you make from the heart. As this is your first trumpet and you like the way it plays, it might be worth it to you to restore. As I live near Charlie Melk's shop, I take my instruments to him. A restoration in lacquer is currently $825. There are other shops capable of doing the same quality of work and their prices vary.

At the very least, for around $100, have the dents removed, the soldering done, and the corks and felts replaced (keep the red valve springs, they don't wear out) to bring it into top playing condition... and consider if you want your horn to look and play as new. This is a purely emotional decision; as I said, the economics never work out except for certain collectible horns.


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