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Hi Thomas,
I have a old Standard EK Blessing Co. horn (trumpet or cornet) that I used from many years ago. Its a laquer finish in the original velvet lined box. It has the original mouthpiece with one minor dent. The serial number is 64671. Can you please tell me its value and also where I can get the valves rebuilt?

Thanks alot!

That serial number suggests early 1954. Blessing is a respected brand in that era, but not especially sought out and the Standard was placed lower in the model hierarchy. Value might run anywhere from $150 to $250; it's very hard to say because condition makes a large difference and of course market timing and location. The best way to gauge value is to look at completed eBay auctions for the same model and age of horn.

Almost all technicians send horns to Anderson Silver Plating to refit the valves. You can choose to send your horn to a technician that will do most of the work and have Anderson refit the valves, or you can have Anderson do all of the work. In your case, I might suggest just letting Anderson do all of the work. The price will vary depending on how much work they have to do, but I would expect it to be $400 to $500.

Anderson's info:

Before you do that, however, consider buying a valve oil designed for older, looser valves. Choices include Hetman #3 "Classic" and Yamaha "Vintage". You might find that the thicker oil seals the valves adequately and you won't need to have the valves rebuilt just yet.


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