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Trumpet/Beat up Brass Cleveland 600 King


Hi! I just recently acquired this King trumpet. It was obviously not cared for during its life! I would like to sell this peice and hope it may be played again someday. Its serial # is 564606. This is a brass with many scratches, one valve that will not stay ascended, and some RUST even! It's such a shame to see! Can you tell me what age, what is worth as is (if anything) and what it may cost to repair and sell and if that's possible in it's current state. Thank you!

Nearest we can get to age is the late 70s. That isn't rust but rather brass oxidation. To bring it to playing condition would cost around $100, depending on who you bring it to. It's not worth very much; they're considered student-level instruments, though they are good examples of that, and in its current condition, probably wouldn't sell for much more than $100.

You could consider getting it playable and finding somewhere to donate it.


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