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I recieved a trumpet when I entered band in the 5th grade by my parents, and I used it for a few years. Unfortunately I stopped doing band once I got to high school and my trumppet has been out of use for a while now. I found it in the closet and gave it a good cleaning and I am hoping that I can sell it, but I want to know more about it before hand. Here's what I can tell you...

When I got the trumpet, is came in an old hard shelled leather case with green felt on the inside (the hinge broke so my school gave me a new case. It's a Galaxy case), a few marching band books from the 40's and 50's that I still have, a silver marching tilda, and the entire instrument is silver plated. On the bell of the trumpet there are some engravings, they read "Mater-art Elkhart U.S.A." I also believe the valves have moher of pearl on them. The serial number is 139937, and even though I have tried searching for it online I have come up with nothing.

Please get back to me if you can, I'd really like to know more about this beatiful piece of equipment to decide whether or not to put it up for sale. I can attach some images of the trumpet and band books, hopefully they'll help. (:

I couldn't find a trade name anything like what you've shared. These are usually called "stencil" horns, made by one of the Elkhart instrument companies (Buescher, Conn, Martin, Blessing) for a store's private label. The look of it implies early 1930s manufacture.

Otherwise, not much more to say about it. Stencil horns are not worth very much in the market today. You might sell it for $100 or so if it plays well.


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