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Hey, I play the Trumpet and the one I play was the practice Trumpet for one of the members in the Lawrence Welk band.
It's a "Penn" and the serial# is 602034. I'm assuming that's the serial# it's the only number I can find.
I was wondering what year it was possibly made. It is one quality instrument let me tell you!! The sound is phenomenal!
Also I was wondering the possible value? Not that I'm wanting to sell it, it's just so I can Know.
Thanks so much!!

What you have is a "stencil" trumpet. It was made by one of the major (or not so major?) manufacturers with a brand that isn't linked to anything. There are tables of such names, but Penn is not among them.

Sometimes the manufacturer is obvious from the horn, sometimes it's not. In this case... not. It's not even clear that it was made after WWII, though I think that it is.

A common characteristic of stencil horns is that they are frequently made with tooling from "obsolete" horns, many of which played very well. If it works well for you, you're a lucky man!

I wish I could tell you more but information on stencil horns is mostly deduction.


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