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Trumpet/replating 2 colors on a trumpet.


Hello i bought a old trumpet and its called Olds its from the early 60s at least i wanted to replate it for my daughter can you give me a idea on cost. Thank you very much And Merry Christmas The trumpet is half and half in original condition, Thanks again

Congratulations on buying an Olds trumpet for your daughter. You don't say which model you bought, but the presence of the nickel silver tubing (that's what the "white" tubing is) implies it's one of the "better" models.

That horn isn't "plated" but is coated with clear lacquer, most of which has flaked off with time. The older nitrocellulose lacquers didn't hold up very well; the manufacturers used to include a disclaimer that stated the lacquer was only a temporary finish.

Today's baked epoxy lacquers are a lot more durable and thinner, which improved the tone the player hears while playing. If your daughter is younger, for example not yet in high school or a freshman, then relacquering makes sense from a cost consideration.

One of the best technicians for this job, and who I recommend from personal experience, is Charlie Melk. A restoration in lacquer is currently $925, which is money well spent. Anything at all that is possibly wrong is corrected, the horn is buffed and hand polished, and relacquered with baked epoxy. What you get back is essentially a new horn. Olds horns are fine instruments and that money is well spent if it's a horn you plan to keep and play for some years.


You must talk with Charlie before sending the horn; contact information is on his home page.

Good luck with your "new" Olds and I hope your daughter enjoys playing it.


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