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Good evening, I have a family heirloom trumpet that I would like to lend to my nephew but I want to make sure it is not  terribly valuable before I send it off with a fifth grade beginning trumpeter. The serial number is 90085. It has engraving on the bell.

York trumpets are respected but are not particularly valuable. Of course because it's a family heirloom it is worth that much more and hopefully your nephew appreciates it.

I would definitely get a new case because your original case will not survive, guaranteed. The Protec 301 is a good case with room for the mutes he will eventually use and the side pocket will hold a music folder, depending on its size.

Also, you will want to take this horn to the local tech for cleaning, corks, and felts. The old corks and felts will likely crumble away if they have not already.

I see the rod for quick change to A is missing; no need to replace that, he'll never use it. Those screws will likely get lost, so you'll need to make up your mind how to handle that.

One last thing, I see you have mouthpieces with the horn (that left one is in the case backwards). One seems to be York, and the other seems to be Bach. Both are pretty corroded, so you'd want to get a replacement. The Bach 5C is a popular beginner size as is the Schilke 11. His band director might have a recommendation, and some are insistent on it.

Good luck to your nephew!


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