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I have played trumpet for many years, but am confused by an old Lafleur trumpet that I purchased recently from an antique shop. Can you provide me with any information on it or point me in the right direction please.

It is silver plated in Bb with rotary adjuster to A on third valve. The main tuning slide is clearly marked for the A position. (And this line appears ?initialed JL or JI).

The valves are top sprung, with the casings marked 1st 7, 2nd 8 over 4, 3rd 9. I cannot see any model number anywhere on the instrument. Valve tops and bottoms are round.

However, the bell is stamped as follows:

Four dots in diamond pattern,
Four dots in diamond pattern

It plays superbly. (My main instrument is a Bach Strad C / Bb)

It came in a black material covered wooden top loading 'case' with two old and worn unmarked mouthpieces.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Alistair

Lafleur was a publisher and dealer. They were bought by Boosey in 1917 and were merged into Boosey and Hawkes in 1930.

It was common on French trumpets to make valve blocks in groups of 33, so the 7-8-9 numbers identify these valve casings within that sequence of 1 to 99.

It's most likely a 1920's horn and possibly made in France. If you can fit a modern shank mouthpiece in it, all the better.


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