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about 5 years ago I was relocating for my job from Pa to Az.
I had a company /person agree to manage my property with the promiss to purchase it after 6 months. Thsi said person then with out my knowledge  had someone sign my name to a document in Pa which put my property into a trust. I can not locate this person now some 4-5 years later and can not get a clean title to sell the property. How can I get this resolved? I can ot afford a lawyer at this time and would like to get this resolved.

Hi James,

Unfortunately you will have to get a judge to order that the property was fraudulenty transferred.  He is going to want to know why it took almost 5 years for you to discover this.  Once you saw that the property was not purchase within 6 mos as agreed and you were no longer receiving tax statements from the county you should have taken action.

I don't practice law or know the laws in PA but with a little research you can file suit for fraud in the county where the property is located by yourself.  If you can't locate the person there is a procedure to "put the on notice" including attempting to serve them at their last known address and then putting an ad in the paper.  If they don't show up for trial you will most likely get a default judgement.  With that in hand, any title company will allow you to sell it or if you aren't wanting to do that the county will move it back to you.  

Good Luck.  

P.S. I would find a cheap lawyer through the local lawyer referral service.  Here it costs like $40 for the first 30 minutes or hour then their regular rates.  See what they tell you.

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