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My husband and I established a Revocable Living Trust via an attorney in CA when our daughter was young and appointed a Trustee who lives out of state.  Our daughter is now 25 and we want to change:
1) Trustee to our daughter
2) remove old primary residence and replace with our new one.
Do we need to go through attorney to do this or can we draft our own letter to current Trustee and have him sign and have his signature notarized?  Can we do the change of our primary residence ourselves?

Not only should you personally do those edits, you should also go through that trust and make all the other changes.
Your asset list isn't the same, update it. Your cars are different, your bank accounts are different, anything else that was listed, make sure it is up to date. ADD any new assets.

You should also go through it and make sure that you understand all of it. That it is very clear to anyone that reads it what your intent is. If something is unclear, clear it up.


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