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2 years ago, My wife's Mother died. We are not sure if she was still marred or not. we do know that she was seeking divorce. Her husband, who has not been seen for over 3 years, was not present at the funeral and all attempts to try and locate him has failed. We believe that he may have gone back to Peru where most of his family is residing. The State has contacted my wife about her mothers retirement funds which remains unclaimed. They keep asking us if we know where my wife's stepfather is, we keep telling them that we do not know. but they have informed us that there is nothing we can do about claiming the funds in holding without proof of a divorce or his death. the closest we have come to contacting My wife's stepfather was a couple days after the funeral. we got hold of a lady in Peru that claimed to be Tony's wife. All of his family claims they have no information on his whereabouts. Is there away to  get around all this mess so that the siblings can finally bring closure to the death of there mother and not be bothered with the state continuously sending request for more information on the whereabouts of there stepfather?

Dear Donnie

One way to get clear of it is to give legal notice to all known addresses and also advertise on newspapers. If you do not receive any response, you can go to government with proof of your efforts.

Since you are not clear about the situation, I advice you to seek legal help and proceed accordingly.

Dr Garain

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