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I am a UK resident and would like to invest in some property in the USA. ! am not looking to sell the property within a year or two (flip), but would like to have my nephews, who are US citizens, as the (trust fund) owners, when they turn 21. (10 - 12yrs from now)
What is the best way to set up the account.
Can I open an LLC in there name with me been a "guardian". and have the 3 of them equal shares also.

I will be hoping to rent the property in the mean time to help pay the Tax / Insurance / improvements, and all other bills that may arise.
The surplus rent would belong to the LLC."

Hi Bernie,

There is no such thing (here) as an llc trust.  A trust has three components, a donor (creator) beneficiaries and at least one trustee.  Certainly the trust can one shares of an LLC but it is not necessary to form an LLC.  What you are asking for is simply an irrevocable trust.  Anyone you wish can be the trustee, even a non citizen.  However it would be best to choose someone close by who knows the beneficiaries.

I can help set this up is you wish or you can locate a US attorney.

David Disraeli

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