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My grandmother passed in Jan 2011.  She had a $500 insurance policy which the insurance company claims that she stopped payment on in 2010.  From what I know of my grandmother... she would have never stopped paying.  What we believe may have happened is the broker that she paid her premiums to may have taken the $ and ran... while my grandmother thought she was paid up... she had trusted her broker with every last detail.  My question would be how I could go about getting to the bottom of this.  Do I need an estate lawyer?  And if so, does the lawyer need to be from the same state as the estate of my grandmother? She lived in Indiana and I live in Illinois.  We have since seen police reports that her broker has swindled other clients monetarily.  I am hoping to find some documentation proof perhaps in her bank records that she either continually paid this broker and since he was affiliated with the insurance company that they would still be held responsible for her policy claim.    Thank you for any advice.

Dear Marni

First collect all documentary evidence like
- Copy of her Policy
- Receipt of last payment made to Insurance company (may be one year older)
- Bank statement showing payment of last premium payment cleared from her back account. Agent may have realized the amount. Insurance company may still be held accountable as the agent was acting on behalf of the company
- get details of the status of insurance policy from the company as per their record and statement in writing.
- Details of newspaper clipping about the agent mismanaging policy payments

Once you have all relevant details at your possession, consult a neighborhood insurance lawyer to understand his or her view point about the standing of your case/claim.

If in doubt, get a second opinion.

After this only, send a legal notice to the insurance company.

Pl act as advised by your attorney. I am only providing guidance.

best wishes

Dr Garain  

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