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Good day
Wanted to find out what is the proper procedure to follow for such scenario.
My friend mother died several years ago and his father recently died about 3 years ago without a deed.
He has 5 brothers and sisters. According to him 2 of his elder siblings a brother and sister knows about most of the assets his parents had and are hiding it from him and his other two siblings.
In such an event, what is the right things for him and his other two siblings to do, if they are unaware of their parents assets of which they hold a claim to.
Also what is the proper procedure for siblings whose parents are deceased to account for and distribute parent assets fairly.
Is there a way that siblings who are kept in the dark by other siblings can legally request a declaration of assets and hold those who are hiding assets legally responsible.

Dear Sam

I believe that three siblings can send a joint legal notice to the other two siblings asking for declaring the details of assets left behind by theirs parents and they are aware of. Secondly  an advertisement in newspaper may be given notifying general public about about entering into any deal with any one or more members of their family, concerning their family asset.

Notification may also be sent to local government offices that deal with registration of immovable and movable assets.

I would advise you to take views before legal practitioners.

bets wishes

Dr Garain

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