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QUESTION: Dear Dr. Beauchamp,

In the terms of my mother's living trust I was willed $20,000. I have a copy of the living trust.
Now how do I go about obtaining the money? I think my sister might have to sell a property to obtain the money?

         Best Regards, Lozen

ANSWER: Contact named trustee and request money.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Dr. Beauchamp,

Thank you for your great advice!
Also would it be OK to mail the trustee to request my money by snail mail
registered and Notarized?

         Best Regards, Lozen

I recommend that you start with a simple letter of demand. Make a copy of the letter and envelope. I would not be formal at this point. I would not register or witness this a this point. This might cause some chaos and put the trustee on edge. But without an answer in a month, then I would take those extra steps.  

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