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Daughter is named co-trustee after father's death. She is also made co-owner on bank account in trust and given sole ownership of a bank account. Does this now make the daughter also a grantor. On the mother's death can the trust still perpetuate as a revocable trust if the daughter is a grantor rather than become irrevocable.

Hello Edward,

I need more information.  There is no such thing as co-owner in trust.  She would be either a beneficiary after death or a trustee or both.  But no she is not a grantor from what you have told me.  As for your next question - yes the trust can still be revocable on one death if it was written that way and most likely was.  The only way to answer your question is to read the trust.  I'm replying blind.  I would have to know what assets are in the trust and what is says about the death of the first to die etc.  Is there any way you can fax it or scan it to me?

Let me know.


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