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Hello! I reside in the state of Texas and I am married. However, although I am married, we have been separated for well over 15 years, I do not know his whereabouts and we have no relationship or communication whatsoever.

So, I want to purchase a home for my granddaughters, pay the mortgage myself, but put the house in their names. My questions are:

* Will a mortgage company allow me to go forward in this manner even though Texas is a community property state and I don't plan to have the house in my name?
* Being that I am still married, would they want my husband present at closing?
* Would they want him on the Deed?


Its a good news and I appreciate your concern and love for your grand children

You can buy a home for them and in their name. You need not bring your Husband in the picture as such if the money has been from your savings. What is the source of your money for buying this home, will be a consideration.

being property matter, you will need a property consultant to do the dealings. I suggest that you take his advice before proceeding on the transaction. You may also consult an advocate or financial consultant. It is worth spending a small fee to avoid future trouble.

Hope that helps


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