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My Mother in Law passed away 3 years ago from Cancer. Now my Step Father in Law has reached the point where he needs to go to assisted living. His kids are selling his house that my Mother in Law put the down payment on 7 years ago, from the sale of her Condo. My wife wants 3 pieces of Furniture from the house that was bought by her real father who passed away 30 years ago. The kids won't allow us in the house to get it. Also my Step Father in Law owns 2 shopping plazas. Does my wife have any claim to those since her mother was married to my Step Father in Law?

I can only assume that the matter was resolved in the estate settlement of the Mother in Law before a judge? After this, if the father is releasing his management to a POA, then the POA or power of attorney would make the decisions. If no power of attorney exists, then you might raise this question for a state appointed person to control the distribution of the Father. In short, if the step father is still in control, without a POA, it is best to secure his permission directly.  

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