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I live in mother passed away with no will set up.but I am the only heir.
am I responsible for paying her creditors?

she has $2000 savings,$2000 401K,an a car.
she's $4500 in debt to credit cards.
I paid $2700 for funeral costs.

once I collect $ do I have to pay creditors?
if I have to pay I keep funeral pay whats left?


If I explain it technically, I think you will understand it.

You aren't required to pay her debts.

She/her estate IS required to pay her debts.

Her bank account, her savings, her 401k, and all of her personal property, must pay off her outstanding bills first.

If there is anything left after she settles her debts, that is then what she can pass on to her heirs.

You have taken on the roll of executor of her estate. All of your actions must be for her estate in this matter.

You paying her funeral costs is not part of her estate expenses.

You might check all financial institutions to see if any provided a life insurance policy. They are very common, for $5000 or so.  

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