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Roger Agness wrote at 2007-10-18 02:37:51
The towers are now office buildings, and call centers.

oho wrote at 2010-12-31 19:27:01
Currently, a Surgical Hospital occupies some of the floors that were once the City of Faith.... Do some research, it is an excellent hospital.

Don West wrote at 2012-09-28 02:50:19
Thank you Tom.  I had shared a cancer answer with them way back  then from the works of Dr. Johanna Budwig.  She was a 7 time Nobel Peace Prize Nominee and people who used her approach numbered in the thousands worldwide after standard cancer treatments failed.  I was just wondering if it had been changed to The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America that is there in Tulsa.  Don West

Howie Gardner wrote at 2013-04-22 17:11:48
Tom has given a very fair answer.  I think I should add though that the City of Faith came about during Oral's grief over the deaths of his daughter & son-in-law (in a plane crash), his son Ronnie (a suicide apparently resulting from agent orange abuse he had picked up in Viet Nam) and the deaths of two grandchildren (sudden infant death).  Oral made some very weird statements after that (although they may not be weird in the context of losing children and grandchildren - perhaps irrational is a better term).  These included a vision of Jesus 900 feet tall and a claim that God was going to kill him as well if he did not make good on a 1960s promise to the people of Nigeria to send medical doctors to them once ORU's medical school had opened.  To do so he needed eight million dollars by April 1st of 1987 in order to scholarship medical students.  The claim that God was going to kill him sparked a national outrage.  This combined with the ensuing scandals involving Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart resulted in a massive lack of support for television evangelists in general.  Even Billy Graham's popularity dropped and he wasn't even involved.  It is true that Teen Challenge founder David Wilkerson visited the school and issued forth a prophecy that Oral was to close down the medical complex. But in all candor, the funds were no longer there and Oral was such a grieving nervous wreck by then that closing it was the only logical thing to do.  The structure has since been used by Cancer Research Institutes of America and other medical organizations but it still remains as an embarrassment to the legacy of a man who had such good and genuine intentions in the beginning.  


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