Hi! I extended my tourist visa here in Istanbul a few weeks back, or i went to the head police office and got all the paper works done, and it says on my paper that i need to come back on the 19th of january to take my "visa". Now it turns out i need to go back to sweden for a few days very soon, so my question is, Can i still leave the country and come back with just my passport and this paper?

Greetings Paulina

Dear Paulina,
Please forgive me for not responding sooner. I saw the message and then got distracted. If I am too late, I hope you were able to find an answer from someone else.

The problem is that I can't answer your question without more information which makes me doubly bad for not writing sooner. Again, I apologize.
Do you have your passport with you?
When does your current visa expire?

I am surprised about the date your new visa will be ready? It usually only takes 2 weeks when I get a renewal but maybe for a first time change from tourist to residence it takes longer. I'm not sure?

One thing I know is that if you have your passport and your visa is still active, you can leave and just get a new tourist visa. I think that is true for Europeans like it is for Americans. If you currently have an expired visa and have to leave the country, you will need to get some kind of paper that allows you to leave. You will need to go back to the office where you applied for the extension and ask them what to do.

I'm sorry I'm not able to give more decisive help.

all the best and I hope it all work out.

Duke Dillard


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