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My wife and I are currently running a small hotel here in Turkey, we opened this year for the first. When we went for the licences etc. we were told that because we are both foreigners we have to have a Turkish Manager. We employed one - and what a disaster he was as well as expensive, (double the wages of everyone else), - but we couldn't get rid of him because we were again told that we needed another one to take his place right away or close, which was not an option as we were full of guests.I have since been told that we do not in fact need a Turkish Manager but employees who are either Turkish or foreign with valid work permits. Could you please help clarify this for us as we do not want a repeat of this season next year.

Thank you in advance.

Dear Dave,

The latest information you've received is correct; You do not need a Turkish manager (though for obvious reasons it helps to have someone with a sufficient understanding of Turkish and/or the system) to run your hotel.
I assume neither of you have Turkish citizenship or work permits therefore of course you do require Turkish staff and/or foreign employees with valid work visas for your business.
Perhaps you need to think about an accountant / legal advisor who is experienced in this area?

Kind Regards,



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