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My husband and I will be in Turkey from 5 Aug to 24 Sep. Because of the heat in August, we decided to stay in Kalkan near the sea for 3 weeks.  After that, we'd like to travel around Turkey, but would like feedback on the practicality of our plan and any other suggestions / comments. Thanks in advance for your help. Our rough itinerary is as follows:

5 Aug - 27 Aug    Kalkan to relax at beach. Take dolmus into mountains and other nearby beaches for day trips.

27 Aug - 5 Sep     Take bus to Ephesus. Stay nearby for day or two. Afterward, take bus eastward and stop as whim strikes us.  Would weather be cool enough to walk around during daytime?  Is it easy to take a bus if we decide on short notice? Or do we need to plan ahead?

5 Sep - 12 Sep     Goreme for 7 nights. Plan to hike, take easy bike rides, see underground cities, open air museum and maybe hot air balloon ride. Is weather usually cool enough for these activities?  Or will it be very hot there?

12 Sep -  14 Sep  Travel from Goreme to Ankara for a night. Or need two nights?  From Ankara, better to fly, bus or train to Istanbul?

14 Sep - 23 Sep   Istanbul.  Is this too long for Istanbul?  Should we stay longer elsewhere or make another stop along the way?

24 Sep   Fly home


It's good to hear that you're going to stay for a long period in Turkey, so you can see many things with no rush. Here are my comments:

27 Aug - 5 Sep: you can stay 2 days in Ephesus/Selcuk area: one day to visit the sights in Ephesus and the other day to visit Priene, Miletus, Dydima. If you stay 3 days, you can also visit Pergamon another day. After that you say eastward so I assume you'll go to Aphrodisias and Pamukkale/Hierapolis, consider 1 o 2 days for these places, also don't miss Laodicea which is near Pamukkale. Aegean reagion is warm during Aug, so you'll sweat during the day. Probabily you'd like to stay a night in Konya, interesting city with the mausoleum of Mevlana and other Seljuk sights.

5-12 Sep: Cappadocia is ok, you can do all these activities. You'll be around 1200 meters above sea level therefore it's cool, no humidity at all.

12-14 Sep: 1 night is more than enough for Ankara, you can visit the museum and the mausoleum. After that you can take a domestic flight (45/50 minutes) or a bus (5 hrs) to Istanbul. It's up to you.

14-23 Sep: one week is ok but 9 days might be a little too much for Istanbul, I think you can add 1-2 nights at another place.

Have fun.



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