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Turkey/pamistani citizens planning travel to turkey


Myself,my wife and our two year old daughter are pakistani nationals.
Both of us are doctors working in Ireland and have GARDA stamp 1 on our pakistani  paSsports.
We want to visit Turkey as a family for a week.
Kindly advise if we will get visa on arrival at airport or will need a visa from consulate before travel?
We also have two year valid uk visit visa if that is relevant.
I wrote to turkish  embassy but the reply is not very clear and I am confused wheter to apply for visa prehand or not.
Thanks a lot.


The visa regulation for Pakistani citizens for entering Turkey requires that you take a visa before coming to Turkey. But it also states that if you have a valid Schengen, OECD member's visa or residence permit, you may get "one month single entry" visa at the Turkish border gates upon arrival. Therefore first of all you should contact the Irish authorities to figure out if your stamp meets this criteria, and then contact the Turkish Embassy. See the Ministry of Foreign Affairs official website:

In my personal opinion you should be ok with your resident permit in Ireland and your UK visa. But the best thing to be 100% sure is to contact the Turkish Embassy in Ireland or in UK.

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