hi ,we are coming to SAW Airport from Tehran on 4 of may 2013 and we don't have any flight directly from Tehran to Anally ,tell me know we can buying ticket from there to antalia at the Air port?and how much that cost?
also can we go by yacht from Istanbul to Antalya?if yes tell me please how much is it cost?

Dear Shila,

I'm sorry to say that I don't have any experience with this. Turkish Airlines does have offices at the Kayseri airport so I assume it is possible to buy tickets for a flight to Antalya in the airport. I don't know how long you will have to wait. It depends on when you arrive and when the next available flight is. At this point that is impossible to know. I expect it will be the same day, though. Most likely your flight will go through Ankara or Istanbul. I am pretty sure there is not a direct flight from Kayseri to Antalya. Oh, also, there are other airlines that fly into and out of Kayseri - Pegasus, Atlas, and Anadolu Jet.

In terms of the yacht from Istanbul, I have no experience with that and would not even know how to find out.

I hope this helps. I apologize that I do not know more about this.

Thank you,

Duke Dillard


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